Course Curriculum

Restorative practices (RP) are being embraced in more and more schools as a creative and effective approach to nurturing a positive school climate, improving students’ social and emotional wellbeing, reducing harmful behavior, and preventing and resolving conflict. At the core of restorative practices is building and sustaining meaningful relationships between and among educators and students. This eCourse is designed to give you an overview of what Restorative Practices is, and what it is not. Below you will find the course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1: Welcome and What to Expect

    • Welcome Video Rufus Lott III

    • eCourse Instructions

    • Module 1: Summary

    • Module 1 Quiz

  • 2

    Module 2: The Introduction to Restorative Practices

    • Definition of Discipline the Renewed Purpose

    • Power of Differentiation

    • Let's Break Down the Definition

    • Consequences vs. Accountability

    • Traditional vs. Restorative Practices

    • Module 2: Summary

    • Module 2 Quiz

What Are Others Saying?

“I really liked the content of the course. I am new to teaching and struggled my first couple of months with classroom management and building relationships with my students, due to starting in the middle of the second semester. I am so excited to to do some planning over the summer and implement these practices in my classroom when we return to school!”

Kelan M. - Texas Educator

“The information was good, it was presented in an easy to follow manner, and allowed for personal thought and insight. ”

Troy S. - North Texas

“I knew a lot about restorative practices but I liked that this eCourse put it all in one place and helped to reassure what I was doing.”

Jessica R. - Texas Educator

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